Monday, August 2, 2010

It's Over

I was sitting at my desk preparing myself to write a new blog when i realized that my 30 days of blogging is over!!! awwwww...its a bitter sweet moment i'm glad and sad both. Glad that I don't have to pick my brain every day to come up with something to say but sad because even though I was having writers block from time to time I still love writing some each and each everyday!!! Well it was a good run while it lasted and i guess i'll take a week or so off to give myself a break and then come back strong...well not that strong. 

Thanks to you guys for reading and commenting i love reading what everybody had to until next time.....


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Big Secret #31

We don't get to see much of my older brother Los because he spends most of his time hooping overseas. He's usually here for maybe a month or two and then gone from anywhere from 4 months to a year it just depends on where and who he is playing for. Needless to say since we don't see him much i can't be all up in his business with his love life, He never really talks about too many girls nor does he bring them around. My mother asks him all the time when is he going to stop hiding his women and bring them around so we can feel them out he usually laughs it off and says "Mom, I'm too busy for a relationship and beside who needs anymore women in life when I have you and Jaz." Good answer brother but I knew all of that was BS.  Los is just a private doesn't like too many people in his business and I can respect that 100%. I truly wasn't ready for the bomb he dropped on me this morning. He walked into my front door after being out all night I assumed he was partying it and drinking, laughing doing whatever men do. He threw himself on the couch and screamed for me to come down stairs. he announced that hi slate night consisted of my nephew being born...whoooaaaaa...I so wasn't ready for that one a baby!! I didn't even know he was seeing anyone...A baby! I could decide if i was hurt because he never told me about this before or be happy because I finally got a nephew to spoil. I can't wait to see what my parents have to say about this which will probably be next to nothing because he is far over the legal age but anywhoooo Let me introduce to my new and very first nephew all 7 pounds and 11 ounces of him..

Savion Carlos Carter

I was a little hurt at first because he didn't bother to share this with me or us but once i saw this little boy i was over it! I can't wait to spoil him!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

'Thumbs down to him #30

I'm not saying i don't like him...I'm saying i just don't like him for her.  Her being my friend Azaia...I'm happy that she is happy but he is not the business at all. when i first met him I thought i  liked him or rather i liked him because she did but it wasn't until i spent 2 weekend straight with them at i saw him for who he really is.  Jealous, that stood out so very well, he can't handle no one looking at her and look to long then it becomes a problem.  She's a very gorgeous girl and most people double take when they see her,  I thought i full war was about to go down when my younger brother glanced at her far too long. Words were exchanged between Azaia and him but never my brother which was a good move on his part.  Now matter were she goes or what she does he swear every person in the room is in her face and trying to get after her. Controlling...He has to know every move she is making, and why she making and who she making it with.  I messed up an mentioned a trip to the beach soon and he just wasn't feeling the company who was coming he didn't know they are gay as can be it was just the fact it was another male and not him.  And if he doesn't agree with the moves he goes crazy..fight after fight, text after text just to engage her in an argument.   He has the habit of inviting himself  out with us which would not  be a problem  if he didn't have such a shitty attitude every time he is around and when he's not having a good day no one will either and he makes sure of that.  Excuses, excuses she has a million of them for him...why he does this..why he doesn't do that...why she has never been to his house the list can go on and on.  I'm happy that she is happy but he carries alot of traits that her baby daddy , who might add had no problem poppin her in the mouth from time to time, I sat back and watch him go from this nice guy to this monster in  a blink of an eye and now i see that in her new man.  I'm happy that she is happy or at least betraying herself as being happy.  I stop offering my advice to her a long time ago because she just going to do what she wants to do but she has no problem at all offering her advice to be about DMV and Young LA. I just want her to take a step back and see what i see.  She has been alone for so long that i think she just loves that fact of having somewhere no matter how he acts.  I wanna just grab her and shake the shit out of her hoping sh doesn't go back that path but i know it would just be a waste of time. I sat with my older brother and we talked about this guy..the good bad and ugly about him and he offered his advice to just back and let find out for herself but it hurts me to think that once again she could be with another monster. I sit back and bite my tongue for her and force myself to interact with him when he is around which seems like all the time.  I never give my view point on him too much because the last time i did it ripped our friendship to shreds.  I guess i'll stay in my lane not offer my advice and view point on him i love her too much to strain our relationship once again...maybe he will be a short lived thing and will be gone before things get too serious.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mrs. West #29

Everyone was crowded into the room just to get one glimpse of me. I stood in the mirror looking at myself thinking what am I doing here how did i get here. I watched my mother place the tiara upon my head and cry tears of joy and then it hit me...I was getting married. Me getting married who would have known but here i am dressed in a all white gown with this huge diamond occupying my ring finger.  I turn to the left and see my BFF Shan standing next to me and next to her my god sister they must have been my bridesmaids because they were matching each other to a tee... Shan throws my bouquet to me and whispers in my ear "are you ready?" but no words leave my mouth. The Chapel door swings open and its a packed house some faces I recognize other i have no clue who it.  My father grabs my arm and we step forward...I can hear all the flicks of cameras and the whispers of how beautiful she looks...we continue to walk and I spot some famous faces looking at me...Jay-z is that you and wait a minute was that Diddy? what in the hell are they doing here? hell if i know. We inch closer and closer to the front of the alter and I noticed that preacher was no other than Teddy!!? what? why is he officiating my wedding and why is he dresses in a tiger print suit? smh  He's mouthing some words to me but i can't make out what he is saying and suddenly my father and I stop walking...I grab his hand tighter...he looks at me confused and snatches his away and walks off. Whomever this is standing next to me has his back turned but his groomsmen are full of famous face...Young Jeezy, 50 cent, common so now I'm extra confused.  Teddy the preacher tells us to join hand so we can begin and now i see his face...this is the man I'm marrying I don't know if i should scream or ask for his autograph.  He removes sun glasses and says "baby, are you ready to become Mrs. West?!?", he turns looks at the crowd and yells "Mr. West is in the building"  Kanye West the man who i am marrying? ...wait wait wait are we serious. Before the word can leave my mouth I hear a loud crash from behind us and look who it is Taylor Swift and she is running towards brother tries to stop her but she pushes right past him...Now she is right next to me she opens her mouth and says" Kanye I'm happy for you and every but Jay-Z and Beyonce had the best wedding of all time!" My alarm clock screams out and I open my eyes...Yep it was all  dream lmaoooooooooooooo...A very entertaining dream might i add...So now my life mission is to find and marry Kanye West because I am in love with I'm back to work!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jazzy Homemaker #28

I'm trying to become much more domestic! which was  recommendation by my Aunt Joy if I ever want to land me a husband.  Yeah, Thanks Aunt Joy for that!  First step on operation Jazzy Homemaker I have been tackling this cooking thing. I would have to say I'm getting better at it day to day, no one has gotten sick or died from my cooking so i think I'm doing wonderful.  I cook a new dish 3 times a week with the supervision of either y aunt or mother so this time next year I should be throwing down in the kitchen...well hopefully I will be.  The next step in Operation Jazzy Homemaker..learning how to sew! 0_o  Now this step I wasn't feeling at all anytime I need something repair or sewed I either drop it off at My god mothers spot because she a killer with the sewing machine or to Ming Tan at the dry cleaners and she works it out for a sister but in the word of Auntie"you just need the knowledge that it. Are you going to be running your husband's shirt to the cleaner every time a button need to be put on and close a hole!"  and I hate to admit it and i will never tell her but she is right. So the past couple of work along with cooking i have been doing a little of sewing! which I hate..I'm not the homemaker type chick but i have stuck it out.  Even after being poked a thousand times by needles, sewing things shut and cutting a hole in a pattern I finally accomplished something great....

With help from my Aunt we hit the fabric store i saw that on clearance and brought it home, they turned out much better than i thought they would probably thanks to Aunt Joy! I made these for baby boy it matches his room and he thins they are the best thing i love that little boy!!

Jazzy homemaker is on her way to the top!!!!  look out Martha cuz i'm on my way!! lmaooo

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Comments #27

Let's mark this day 3 and still no lights!!! Well no lights aqt know that the work lights are full force and working ( rolls eyes).....

I don't have much time to blog today but i shall try a get this one out real quick...

I have enjoyed these last 27 days of blogging it has given me time to get all that is on my mind out!! From DMV to my father it has made its way here.  The most enjoyable part of this blogging is the comments!! yaaayyy for comments!!! lol anyway I love reading what people have to say from disagreeing to agreeing or just offering their support I appreciate it all.  I think i have been slacking on y comments though I offend pass through Starrla and Unpretentious spot often and I like the fact they go back and comment on the comments that are left behind by there followers. I love it to be honest with you! I think it gives great insight and dialogue to what they have written, because them I have decided that I will be come a better blogger and follow in their foot steps!!! I often read my blog comments that have questions or needed ME to respond and just answer to the open air...wrong it is but i didn't think people would even go back and read them but hey if i go backto read what they write to me maybe people are doing that for my blog  and i am letting them down each and every well maybe not all that but you get my drift right?!?

lets say a prayer that when i go home today the lights have returned because i can't live like this no moooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeee (sobs)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Black Out #26

The house is a crisp 85 degrees...the food in the fridge is spoiling, the ice has melted, no computer, tv or radio since Sunday at 4:15pm.  Yep, that was the last time i saw my house while inn motion. i was sitting at my kitchen table reading a book to Zahree when i severe thunderstorm ripped through the left me without any electricy!!  Last night we stayed here in the house it was nice to have peace and quiet but that soon flew out the window today when my house started to feel like a little bit of hell and  Zahree and I got restless with nothing to do.  So currently posted up at DMV's house because he heading out of town tonight.  I'm happy to be somewhere with air but me being who i am i also want to skim through his belongings.......wrong i know but hey I'm nosey.  I would much rather be at home in my own house, in my own bed typing this from my lap top but instead I'm here....the single mans pad.  Its not much for us to do here either but it beats sitting in the dark waiting for the lights to come back on tomorrow...yep you heard me right the lights won't be back on until TUESDAY!! they don't even know what time just Tuesday.  Going to my parents house is out of the question too because they are sitting in the dark too!! they went to a hotel today i was going to join them but DMV offered his place because he is never here.  I guess you can say we are on better terms but with him who knows one day we are hot the next we cold (shrugs) its always so very complicated!  i didn't want to get out of the rhythm of blogging for my 30 days so sorry for this random one....hopefully it will get better tomorrow!

ps sorry for the typos don't have time to read over (chris brown tears)